Catalyst™ Cryohelmet

The Catalyst Cryohelmet is a revolutionary new product designed for relief of migraine pain and concussion symptoms. There are few convenient ways to apply cold therapy to the entire head and neck. Conventional cold packs do not stay cold long enough and can not easily be applied to the entire head and neck areas at once, thus limiting effectiveness. Using our own Catalyst cold packs and designing a flexible insulating shell, we were able to create a product that applies cold therapy to the entire head and stays cold for at least 90 minutes!

Catalyst cold packs freeze solid, but remain flexible so you can wrap your head and neck in therapeutic and long lasting cold.

●  Catalyst cold packs are reusable and long-lasting. Recharge in household freezer overnight.

●  UltraCool™ fabric is moisture wicking and dries quickly.

●  Insulating neoprene shell (contains no natural rubber – latex free).

●  Features drawstring adjustment for better fit and better thermal transfer.

●  All parts are machine washable, line dry.

●  Domestic and international patents pending.

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