Q:  Will the Cryohelmet help me recover or heal faster from a concussion so that I can return to the classroom or return to action faster by using it?

A:  It’s too early to say.  While there is a growing body of research that shows that brain cooling can help in the natural healing process, no definitive study has been conducted to show that it accelerates recovery.

What we can say very clearly is that the Cryohelmet will help to manage the typical symptoms after a concussion:  Headaches, decreased focus, and trouble sleeping.  Every day we get more reports from our users (read our Testimonials) that wearing the Cryohelmet during their recovery from a concussion reduces or eliminates their headaches, improves their focus, and makes them feel more refreshed.  Managing these symptoms IS an important part of recovery because your overall well-being and outlook play a role.  Better rest does promote healing and a positive attitude towards your condition and recovery makes a big difference in avoiding stress and depression which can further exaggerate your condition.

Please remember, only your physician can properly diagnose your condition so it is critical that you consult with them and follow established Return to Play and Return to Classroom protocols before any return to your normal activity. 

Q:  What size do I order?  I measured my head and I fall within one size, but I'm just not sure.

A:  There are two things to consider when choosing a size:  The circumference of your head and your overall stature.  Generally speaking, the adult regular size will fit most average adults.  The youth size was designed with children ages 12 and under in mind.  The XL size was designed for those who are larger in overall stature and/or have larger head or neck sizes.  All original Cryohelmet models have a velcro strap to help with minor size adjustments and the version 2 Cryohelmet has a drawstring adjustment similar to a sweatshirt or jacket hood.

Also consider that the part of the hood that extends down the back of the neck and the neck wrap are sized accordingly.  The youth neck piece is narrower and not as tall vertically down the back of the neck.  The XL neck piece is much wider and taller than the regular size and has about 2 inches of additional length around the neck.

If you are still unsure of the correct size to order, use our contact form and we will work with you to make the right choice.

Q:  What is included with my Cryohelmet purchase?

A:  Each Cryohelmet comes with a neoprene hood, all necessary cold packs for the ordered size, an insulated cooling bag, and 1 large travel cold pack to keep your Cryohelmet frozen longer.  Additional cold packs or cooler bags can be ordered as desired.


Q:  How many cold packs does my Cryohelmet require?

A:  All Cryohelmets come with the required number of cold packs.  If more are desired to have spares on hand, use the following guide:

Size Small uses three 3 cell, two 7 cell, and one 11 cell cold packs.

Size Medium/Large (adult regular) uses five 3 cell, two 7 cell, and one 11 cell cold packs.

Size Extra Large uses six 3 cell, two 10 cell, and one 11 cell cold packs.


Q:  I tried the Cryohelmet and I just feel like it is TOO cold, especially when I first put it on.  Any advice?

A:  Everyone has a different reaction to cold therapy on their head and while many find it refreshing, it is a bit intense at first for some people.  If you have this experience, try leaving your Cryohelmet out of the freezer for about 15 minutes before putting it on.  If this doesn't help you can place a thin skullcap or towel on your head under your Cryohelmet.  You could also try removing a couple of the cooling strips from the helmet to reduce the amount of cooling, however this is not recommended because it could reduce the product's effectiveness.  If you find that the product is just not for you, please see our Returns information at the bottom of this page.

Warranty and Returns:

Returns can be made within 30-days of purchase for a full refund for any reason.  The Cryohelmet and Cryoscarf also carry a 1-year replacement warranty for defects or breakage.  Contact All-Star Sporting Goods customer service at 1-800-777-3810 for any warranty claims.