Ice Your Head to Stay Cool

It is well known that overheating can cause negative effects to athletic performance as well as serious health conditions.  From minor effects such as mental fatigue and lowered focus to serious conditions such as exertional heat stroke, heat is the enemy of athletes at all levels.  Furthermore, several studies have been able to actually measure reductions in power and time to exhaustion when exercising in the heat.  Fortunately you can give yourself an advantage by icing your head and neck!

By cooling the head and neck before and during exercise you can reduce the strain that heat puts on your body and actually improve your performance. Studies have shown more than 13% improvement in exercise time to fatigue by using head cooling methods.  Other studies have shown measurable improvements in power output from head and neck cooling by an athlete when competing in the heat vs. not cooling.  Add to this the mental improvements that come from increased comfort and it's clear that anyone can give themselves an edge by icing their head and neck with the Cryohelmet or Cryoscarf.

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