Using Your Catalyst™

Step 1

Freeze overnight


Place the Catalyst Cryohelmet or Cryoscarf in your freezer overnight. Most users store the entire unit in their freezer so it is available and ready when they need it. Additional cold packs may be purchased and frozen for longer product use.


Step 2

Bring it with you


To keep product frozen for longer period of time, place the unit in a cooler or Catalyst insulated bag.  When carrying your Cryohelmet in the insulated bag with the included large travel cold pack, you can expect it to stay frozen for hours!

Step 3

Wear for at least 30-40 minutes at the onset of symptoms or after any practice or game.

If product is being used for cooldown, wear for a few minutes on the sideline to help lower body temperature and return product to cooler.




The Catalyst Cryohelmet is designed to fit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. Catalyst cold packs remain flexible even when frozen and will conform to the shape of your head. There is a positionable Velcro tab for neck adjustment and a drawstring similar to a jacket or sweatshirt hood for a customizable fit.  See our FAQ page for more information on selecting the right size.

●  Place unit on your head, making sure to completely cover the forehead.

●  Pull neck flaps around the neck and secure Velcro tab.

●  Grab drawstring ends on sides of hood and pull tight until you achieve the desired fit. Press button on cord locks to loosen.









Disclaimer: The Catalyst Cryohelmet is not guaranteed to prevent or cure any or all head trauma. This page is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine, nursing or other professional health care services, including the giving of medical advice, and no doctor/patient relationship is formed. The use of information on this page is at the user’s own risk. The content of this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should not disregard, or delay in obtaining, medical advice for any medical condition they may have, and should seek the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions.