Ice Your Head for Injuries

Accidents happen.  Whether it's a slip on the ice, a fall on the playground, or an inadvertent bump on an open door, minor bumps and bruises to the head happen every day.  The Cryohelmet is an incredibly convenient way to apply ice to your head to reduce swelling and soothe the pain away.  The cold packs can even be repositioned to take pressure away from sensitive areas or place more in the areas you want to apply cooling.

In any case of an impact to the head, it is always best to exercise caution and seek proper medical attention when needed.  While researchers in the U.S. and New Zealand are investigating potential benefits of head cooling after a concussion, there is still much to be learned. If you suspect that someone has sustained a concussion, you can find information about the common signs and symptoms on the CDC's website and again, visit your doctor or emergency care facility for proper care and recommendations on treatment.

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