Catalyst™ Cryohelmet


Catalyst™ Cryohelmet

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Youth Model - fits head size 7 1/8 and under

Adult Model - fits head size 7 1/4 - 7 5/8

XL Model -  fits head size 7 3/4 and up

** Please see Fitting Guide below for more details and our FAQ page for more sizing information.

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The Catalyst Cryohelmet is an innovative, yet remarkably simple approach to treating migraines and the common symptoms experienced after a concussion such as headaches, nausea, and disrupted sleep patterns.  By applying the Cryohelmet's long-lasting cooling to the head and neck, users overwhelmingly report that they feel relief from their pain and other symptoms typically within 30-45 minutes.

Catalyst™ Cryohelmet package includes:

  • Neoprene hood with integrated neck wrap
  • CryoMax™ Cold Packs in UltraCool™ fabric pouches with Velcro
  • Insulated carry bag and CryoMAX™ square to keep Cryohelmet frozen for hours

To measure head circumference, use a flexible tape measure (or piece of string or ribbon) and measure the distance around the head just above eyebrows and about an inch above the ears.  Also consider your overall stature when choosing.  You can visit our FAQ page for more information on sizing.


Model                     Age                         Hat Size              Head Circumference (inches)

CRYO1-Y             Youth                      Under 7 1/8         22 3/8” & Smaller

CRYO1-REG         Adult Regular          7 1/4 - 7 5/8        22 3/4” - 23 7/8”

CRYO1-XLG         Adult Extra Large    7 3/4 & UP           24 1/4” &  Larger